Welcome to Themis

Where everything is not quite what it seems.

Released 1 August 2024

Destroyer of Worlds is a light-hearted sci-fi fantasy novel that mixes the shock of finding out that aliens exist with an emotional journey in which the narrator, a hapless prophet called Rintoul, faces down the anxieties of his youth. With each turn, he stumbles upon a new revelation. The only question is, will he come to terms with them and find his mojo in time to save his people? So, welcome to Themis, a planet like Earth in many ways, inhabited by a pre-industrial population of humans who just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time.

The obligatory map

Why this book:

When I was a student, I loved the works of authors like Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. They creased me up in a way that few other writers ever managed.

As an amateur scribbler, I can pick and choose my projects. After three novels immersed in a long ago but well understood past, I thought I'd do some free thinking. I can't pretend this story is in the same league as those of my writing heroes, but it gave me pleasure to bring to life and will hopefully provide a chuckle or two to readers.


Reedsy Verdict:

"A space fantasy in Douglas Adams style with a truly innovative plot and a super-exciting ticking time-bomb towards the end"