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What readers have said

The King's Priest

"A riveting read for fans of historical fiction and folkloric tales, a gorgeous offering that features unforgettable characters and a fascinating world filled with historical shades and conflict."

Jane Riley, The Book Commentary

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Shield Maiden

"Bird is adept at weaving historical events with fictional characters and plotlines, using the backdrop of the ancient landscape of Ireland. Drawing on the annals of long-ago tribal wars and palace intrigue, he weaves a fascinating tale of a time when the British Isles suffered from both internal conflict and external threats."

Paul Garrett, Reedsy Discovery

”Fans of the Viking series will find Shield Maiden propulsive and utterly delightful — with war, violence, love, and the hunger for power all mixed in the conflicting elements that move the plot forward."

Daniel Rhodes, The Book Commentary

The Seeds of Heimdall

"...the backstory is skilfully woven into the dialogue. Current events in the complexity of Viking Age Irish history are recounted as they relate to the characters and their clans, so are more easily digested. The intricate politics of regnal competition in a land with 150 kings and clan strife in an age of warfare are well portrayed. I love historical fiction like this which mixes fictional and historic characters. The fictional characters beef up a period of which known facts and figures are sparce. Fans of ‘military fiction’ will really love this."

Susie Helme, Author

"This is a wonderful tale that presents an intriguing tapestry of a moment in Irish history, a tale that features phenomenal conflict with rock-solid and fully drawn characters — from powerful kings to Viking Warlords, from liberation fighters to patriots who will do anything for their homeland."

Daniel Rhodes, The Book Commentary